Room 5 - Meridian Health (in The ZedShed Building)

Frances Dawson, Registered Acupuncturist, RGN. Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional advice, Massage

T. 07846 467 455 E:

Lulu Badger, Vital Homeopathy -

InTouch Holisitic Therapies - Holistic massage, reflexology, aromotherapy, Indian head massage and Reiki. Facebook T: 07904 219505.


At Meridian Health we believe that it is possible to stimulate the body to optimum health and well being.

At Meridian we offer treatments using techniques that have been effective for thousands of years. We offer a very versatile service that covers instant pain relief through to emotional support, nutrition advice, exercise, yoga and education to maximize your sense of well-being.

Our practitioners are holistic in their approach to the client and provide expert advice in a calm and nurturing environment, offering a number of therapies including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and massage.

  These therapies work by stimulating the body's own self-healing ability, bringing natural relief, balance and restoration to the body's systems.

Meridian Health provides the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of expert advice and a choice of treatments to rectify deficiencies or excesses from disease, acute or chronic complaints by focusing on treating the root of the problem in order to restore and maintain optimum good health and well being.

  Such methods are free from unwanted side effects that often exist with conventional drug therapies.